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Borneo Trip

We have done a great trip across Borneo, flew from Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun, then a canal trip along the river until Bakonsu village where the Dayak tomun occupy. From there return to Pangkalan Bun for overnight in the hotel. After that we took a flight to Banjarmasin -in the South of Kalimantan. 

Arrived in Banjarmasin, then we did a sightseeing and visited a floating market, was interesting place.  From Banjarmasin we traveled by a private car overland to Batu Kambar where was gateway to do an adventure-trekking tours up to Meratus mountain, crossed rivers, and overnight in the jungle. A bunch of of leeches sucked our blood during the day of the trip. We came not in a right season, November's beginning rainy season, (Not recommended to come in a rainy season). We stayed 6 nights in the jungle, set up a tent near riverside. A part of trekking trip we learned how to use a traditional weapon that usually used by Dayak tribes for hunting animals. 

Period of visit: October 24th to November 12th, 2011
Duration of trip: 20 Days/19 Nights
Name of client: Mr.Yannick Martin
Nationality: French
Destinations: Central to the east of Kalimantan
Tour organizer: Guntur & Danson
Excort: Nurlin Djuni
Local guide: Yusuf 

The last day of jungle trip we stayed a night at native people house of Kadayang village, and walked down four hours to Loksado.

An amazing trip, we used a bamboo raft along Amandit river, picked-up and drove across East Kalimantan. Balikpapan and Samarinda was a gaterway for a boat trip along Mahakam river. Visited Mancong, the lake Jempang, Tanjung isuy village, Muara Muntai, Melak, and Kersik Luwey where we could see black orchids. The next day our house boat moved to Lekak Kidaw as a village where could see the ladies of Dayak tribes presented with their long ears.
During boat trip we're lucky, could see Fresh water dolphin on Mahakam river, Monkeys, Hornbill, Monitor lizards, Cuscus, and snakes.

Samarinda was a pleasant place to stay one night for a recovery before took a flight from Balikpapan, and flew to Bali and Jakarta.

We thank to our great time as: Guntur, Yusuf, Danson, Efendy, and Pak Lucas. Without their patient, expert guidence we have been much successful and much more bewildered!.

For details this is our tour itinerary:

Day 1: (October 24th, 2011): Flew early morning by Kalstar Air with flight code KP 700 departed at 06:05am to Sampit. then connected with another flight KP 731 departed at 08:00am , transferred directly to a Jetty of speedboat, and by Taxi to continue to Lamandau river. We rode on speedboat about 4 hours to reach Dayak village, named Bakonsu. On the way up we passed the rapids. We arrived at Bakonsu village late evening. Sightseeing around the long house and village where we could see Sandung or Pantar which they used to put their ancestor bound after Tewah ceremony. At night we 're welcomed by Hornbill dance as a kind of welcome dance by the Dayak Tomun. We took a part of the ceremony.
Night: Long House in Bakonsu village.

Day 2: (October 25th, 2011 ): After breakfast we did a sightseeing around the village, then packed our stuff, and traveled to Tapin Bini, visited old Mosque at Kotawaringin. After that proceeded to Pangkalan Bun for overnight.
Night: Astiti Hotel

Day 3: (October 26th, 2011): Transferred-out to the airport for our flight to Banjarmasin, then drove ahead by car took 45 minutes to our accommodation. Afternoon canal trip along the river. Here we could see how local can survive of life, kids're playing around and smile up as their trade mark!.
Night: Swiss-bel hotel

Day 4: (October 27th, 2011): Another driving 5-6 hours to Batu Kambar, traveled through a bumpy road, and muddy. because at the time a heavy rain came in. Set up loggistic for jungle trip.
Night: Native people house at Batu Kambar village.

Day 5: (October 28th, 2011): Today was begiining our jungle trekking took six hours to get a camp site in the forest. Set up a tent near Sungai Karuh.
Night: Camp site.

Day 6: (October 29th, 2011): Another 6 hours trekking through rainforest to Panyaungan at the feet of of Mount Besar, the highest part of South Kalimantan province.
Night: Camp site.

Day 7: (October 30th, 2011): An hour trekking up to the top Mt. Besar, enjoyed exotic view of South Kalimantan. Set up a tent nearby the river side..
Night: Camp site.

Day 8: (October 31st, 2011): Today was another trekkiing down to Muara Maliau, crossed rivers, and climbed up the hills.
Night: Camp site.

Day 9: (November 1st, 2011): Trekking again for about five hours to Kambatang river as the border of Central Hulu Sungai (up-stream) and South Hulu Sungai recency.
Night: Camp site.

Day 10: (November 2nd, 2011): After breakfast We tried to do hunting wild animals, made a trap for animals.
Night: Camp site near river side

Day 11: (November 3rd, 2011): After breakfast jungle trek continued for 6 hours to Kadayang village, climbed up and down the Meratus mountain.
Night: at Native people house.

Day 12: (November 4th, 2011): Four hours walked down to Loksado.
Night: Loksado Guest House.

Day 13: (November 5th, 2011): Today we did a short trip on visiting a small village nearby Loksado. met local people who're actively processing cinnamon trees.
Night: at Native people house.

Day 14: (Novembet 6th, 2011): After breakfast trip continued by a bamboo-raft to Amandit river where We passed rocks and stones, the driver controlled the raft only one bamboo pole, he took us through the rapids, while moved down in Amandit river, we could see slash, burn and a life plant overhanging at the bank of the river.
After four hours we went up the river, the car waited for us, and drove to Muara Komam as the border of South and East Kalimantan.
Night: a very basic Guest House.

Day 15: (November 7th, 2011): Full day of driving across Balikpapan and Samarinda, transferred into house boat on Mahakam river.
Night: House boat.

Day 16: (November 8Th, 2011): House boat moved to Mancong, then took a speedboat passed Jempang lake, and floating houses.
Arrived in Mancong village where the Dayak Banuaq ethnic group presented a welcomed ceremony. Here was a grand long house, and designed with ethnic motif. 
after that traveled to Tanjung Isuy village.
Night: Guest House.

Day 17: (November 9th, 2011): After breakfast traveled return to the house boat in Mancong, then moved to Melak. On the way down we could see a group of fresh water dolphin and some monkeys on Mahakam river.
Night: House boat.

Day 18: (November 10th, 2011): Transferred to the car to Kersek Luwey for observing black orchid park. it took 1.5 hour. then return to the house boat, and continued to Muara Pahu Lekak Kidaw village.
Night: House boat.

Day 19: (November 11th, 2011): After breakfast visit Dayak people where the old ladies appeared with their long ears.
After that the house boat moved down to Tenggarong, and continued to Samarinda for accommodation.
Night: Mesra Hotel.

Day 20: (November 12th, 2011): Today was the last day of trip, drove by a private car took 4 hours to Balikpapan, then flew out to Bali and Jakarta.
The end of tour service. 


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