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About the company

Wallace, the inspiration

Maliabirding is a department under Malia Tours with that specially handles birding trips in Sulawesi, Halmahera and beyond.

We involve experts and professional local bird guides in each islands where the clients request birding trips, bird photography and wildlife tours through islands of Indonesia.

Company Legality Info

Legal identity: CV. MALIA TOURS
Commercial identity: Malia Tours
Year of establishment: 2010
Authorized by: Department of Law and and Human Rights of Rebublic of Indonesia
Authorization Number: C-478.HT.03.01.TH.2006
Registered Number of Company (TDP): 190537902771
Authorized Permit Number of Company (SIUP): 2074/SIUP-K/XII/2010
Registered Number of Tourism office in Palu: 36/27/.10/BP2T/VI/2012
Tax Identification Number (NPWP): 03.115.511.2-831-000
Founder/CEO: Nurlin Djuni

Introducing you to our world ...

We look forward to welcoming you to Malia Tours and introducing you to our world. With Malia Tours you will receive personal, friendly service from experienced and enthusiastic guides and support staff. Unlike some companies, we live in the region and are constantly in touch with the local Birdwatching scene. You can count on getting prompt, personalized and courteous responses before and during your tour! We will organize every aspect of your trip including making room and meal reservations at the best nature lodges, ensuring expert guides are available, providing checklists, maps and general visitor information and arranging safe and reliable transportation, including domestic flights. As we routinely work as ground agents with several well established international tour companies we understand the customer. 

Our commitment to the principles of conservation and our work with local communities have been acknowledged internationally and well received by many clients.

This can be summed up by our mission statement: “We are dedicated to providing our clients with ethical tourism products that are sustainable.” 

We are an equal opportunity employer and our staff comes from the various tribes and peoples in Indonesia. 

Our main concern is for the safety of our clients. Our guides have been between them a wide and formidable knowledge of the local cultures, rainforests and wildlife. We can provide specialist services for those who want to have an even greater in-depth knowledge of islands in Indonesia

Our team will serve you while maintaining the highest standards; we love sharing our experience with our clients. We appreciate the genorosity of local people, and our donations benefit local communities and support their unique way of life. As they begin to understand eco-tourism, local people derive the benefits of tourism themselves. 

We know best to do, what to see and where to go! 

Malia Tours is based on working and planning tours together as a solid team.

Our work team is from the heart, and we love our very much. We appreciate whatever our clients request, and we realize our responsibilities before and after each trip.

Our team takes care of its clients. We love to bridge the gap between cultures, sharing our understanding of one another's differences. This makes us different from overseas tour operators. 

We are ready to plan a once-in-a-lifetime experience tailored to your unique needs and desires.


Operational Office:

Jl. Parigi Raya, No.81 (Perumnas BTN Silae)
Palu - Central Sulawesi
Tel: +62- 451- 4019452
Mobile phone number + WhatsApp: 
+62-812 198 96664
Alternative Email;

Trip Reports

Birding in Bali Barat

Birding in Bali Barat

Sonley Graham and his friend had done five days birding on Bali Barat National Park.


Borneo Trip

Borneo Trip

We have done a great trip across Borneo, flew from Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun, then a canal

Halmahera - Paradise Birding

We had a wonderful day of birding trip to Halmahera. We set up trip from Manado,

" We are ready to plan a once-in-a-lifetime birding experience in Indonesia covering Sulawesi, Maluku - Halmahera, Java, Sumatera, Bali, Papua and Borneo - Kalimantan, specially tailored to your unique needs and desires "