Both are brother, they are all expert for more than 20 years birding experience in Central Sulawesi. They have been doing much survey and identifyng bird population in Sulawesi, Java and other places in Indonesia.
Fachry is a qualified Attorney and Icang is a lecturer at Tadulako University. 

A part of the time they go birding and taking photograps of endemic birds, endangered mamals and reptiles.


Endy and Amlan are amazing men, walk by bare-feet to climb up the mountains. They're native people of Kailinese and grew up on a mountainous village called Salena about 15Kms from Palu as the capital city of Central Sulawesi They are our local guides who found habitat of endemic birds, and scouting owls at Loli mountain.

Endi and Amlan are familiar with bird calls, but identifying them deeply by locally names. However, They begin to study birds species into english names.


Michael lives  in Melonguane, Talaud island. Very good birding guide who knows-well Talaud island, nice manner and likeable. He works hard in the field to find bird species likes  Talaud Kingfisher, Talaud Bush-hen, Talaud Rail, and Talaud Pitta are highlight species on the island.


Pian was born on Peleng island, then He traveled out to the North Sulawesi, and studied Biology science program at Manado University in Tondano. After graduated from the University then He decided return home to Tataba village where He grew up with his family.

Now Fian is an experienced local bird guide on Peleng and Banggai Island. 

He loves drawing the birds where he scouts, He found Sula Pitta and sub species of Sulawesi Owl on their farm land, and scouting a small group of Banggai Crow, Helmeted Myna, Banggai Fruit-dove, Sula Scrubfowl, Blue-faced Rail and Sula Scops Owl. 

Two expert who live at Batuputih village nearby Tangkoko nature reserve. Samuel locally known UNGKE and Irawan or Iwan are engaged for the park. They have sharp eyes to scouting birds. They also can arrange birding tour to Minahasa highland, Dumoga Bone, Nantu, Sangihe islands and Talaud islands. How to find rare birds..? They work from dawn to the late at night.

Besides as a birding guide Iwan’s knowledgeable in mammals and reptiles. 


Adun is a native of Sundanese who live with his family nearby Gunung Gede National Park, local people call him Aduy as a lovely name for Sundanese boy. He arranges birding tour to Gunung Gede and Gunung Halimun. He knows the spot where to find Javan Trogon, Javan frogmouth, and mostly target species in the parks.


“Iwan” as he is called by friends, is local guide in Northern Sumatera. He has conducted general tours and special interest tours in Northern Sumatera where in exploring Lake Toba and Batak’s culture are amongst his specialties. He is co-founder and board member of North Sumatera Ecotourism Forum. 

He has taken part on training for ecotourism tour products and its marketing in Holland. Besides being active in tourism he is also developing his skill on filming by set up Wan’s Production Studio. He speaks English and Spanish.  


Pak Subandi and Endatno live at Kersik Tuo, a village at the feet of Mount Kerinci. Besides being farmer, they are remarkable local bird guides for Kerinci and Tapan Road. Subandy’s house on Kersik Tuo has become home base for worldwide birdwatchers to explore the birds on Mount Kerinci.


Toni lives in Liwa and Kamal lives in the village of Panyungkaian. They used to be poacher and have changed their mind if helping birdwatchers to explore birds on Way Titias and Danau Ranau is more fun. They have become our success story to encourage local people to have more awareness on protecting birds and its habitat. They have stopped poaching and have become the best men on the field for organizing logistic and spotting the birds in Way Titias and Danau Ranau. Talking about Sumatran Ground Cuckoo cannot be separated from both of them.


Roman spends many years to conduct and organize exploration to one of the most devastated volcano eruptions in 19th century named Krakatoa and also to the last home of Javan Rhino on Ujung Kulon National Park. 

He also leads cultural exploration on Baduy village, one of ethnic groups in western part of Java. He expands his interest on avifauna which has brought him into several journeys with remarkable international bird tour leader to Sumatera, Java, Bali, Lesser Sunda, Sulawesi, Halmahera and Papua. 


Pak Yudi and Hery are Senior Ranger who engaged for Bali Barat National Park, they are expert for birding trip to Bali, Java and Sumatra. They live in Gilimanuk town, at the border of Bali and Java island. They know certain places where Bali Myna can be seen easily in Bali Barat National Park.

From Bali Barat they combine birding trip to Ijen crater and Baluran National Park on eastern Java to see Green Peafowl and for a night safari wildlife tour to look for reptiles and mammals. 


Eka lives in Bali, an experienced bird guide who engaged for Bali and Lesser Sundas. He knows-well about Bali area and their people . 


Ceisar and Vinno live in Ambon. They have been involved in developing Parrot Project in Manusela National Park on Seram Island. During their work in this project they have managed to increase local people awareness on conserving wildlife on the island. They conducts cultural and nature tours to the islands of Moluccas. They are familiar with bird location on Tanimbar, Kai, Seram, and Buru island. 


Sony is a calm person, but works hard in the field, He was a bird hunter for many years ago.

After He joined conservation program, then He knew how to look after the birds and environment.

Now He is an experienced bird guide on Seram island,  has sharp eyes to scout Seram Cockatoo, Purple-naped Lory, Long-tailed Mountain Pigeon, Long Crested Myna and Lazuli Kingfisher.  Sony discovered many interesting places, especially trails for hiking and adventure-trekking tour for duration more than one day trip. He lives with his family at a small village called Masehulan at the border of between Manusela National Park and Sawai village.   

Meanwhile another local guide is John. He is a senior Ranger who work for Manusela National Park, He’s a helful person on arranging park permit in Masohi, then guiding clients to the park. John lives with his family in Ambon. 


Ramli is a quite person, and a nice guy who live with his family in Rammang-Rammang - Makassar, He's a native people there, a potential local guide, has sharp eyes on scouting birds. He knows where to find Lompobattang Flycatcher, Black-ringed White-eye and Sulawesi Streaked Flycatcher. He is involved at Rammang-Rammang Ecolodge in Makassar.


Roji is nick name, was born in Java, afterwards his family took him to travel to Halmahera, they joined Indonesian Government program as transmigration group who were presented from Eastern Java island. After several years He married a native lady of Halmahera who live on small village called Binagara, Now they have three kids.

He and his family arrange birding trips on Halmahera. Besides active as a birding guide He is a knowledgeable guide to identify species of tropical plants on Halmahera and Papua.

They live in a simply house, at the border of Aketajawa-Lolobata National Park, therefore He and his family have much time to scout birds, guiding clients to the lek of Wallace’s Standardwing Paradise bird and finding-out a chance of Invisible Rail. 


Freddy is his nick name, He is a native people of Sumba, He conducts birdwatching trips, nature holidays and classic culture tours on Sumba Island. He is our best network and remarkable guide to explore avifauna on the island. He knows where to find mostly endemic species on Sumba island. Included Sumba Button-quail, Sumba Boobook, Sumba Hornbill, Little Sumba Boobook and Sumba Pigeon


Ony is a native people of Timor who live in Kupang as the capital city of East Nusa Tenggara province. From there He can arrange birding trips to Timor island. included Camplong, Bipolo, Soe ,Gunung Mutis. and Rote island

Ony is a very familiar with his area, has classic culture tour and hand-silk weaving or locally known Tenun that design with ethnic motif from Timor island.


We call him Maxi and close friends call him, Wago. Born in Langa, one of the traditional villages in Bajawa (Central Flores). Like other young generation who work as guide in the area, he has very good knowledge about their culture and old tradition. He has been involved in voluntary work to construct solar panel for water supply in one of the village in Bajawa and are eagerly to expand similar activity to another villages. For the last three years he has been learning about how to work with birdwatchers on certain birdwatching spot on Flores. 


Gusti used to work as a branch office manager in Labuan Bajo for a big travel company based in Bali and Lombok, Afterwards He decided to start his own tours and organize trips by himself especially to Komodo National Park. But he is also familiar with the mainland of Flores island. Gusty is living in Labuan Bajo, the entry gate to Komodo National Park. 


Guntur and Yusuf were born in Southern Kalimantan. They are our best network in Kalimantan, know their home-land very well and have done a number of trekking to the rain forest of Kalimantan and across Borneo expedition. They arrange canal trip along Barito river, traditional floating market in Banjarmasin, classic tour to visit Dayak people at remote villages, and visit wildlife of Orangutan in Tanjung Puting, East Kalimantan.

Their service minded is really something for our clients. 


Benny is a senior tour guide for more than twenty years experience on organizing tours through Papua. He arrange birding tours to Yapen, Biak and Sorong. 

Besides birding trips He conducts various tours to the areas likes scuba diving in Biak and Raja Ampat, and combined with classic culture tour to Baliem valley.   


Charles lives in Manokwari where is a gateway to travel to West Papua. He arranges various of tours to Papua such as cycling, scuba diving, adventure-trekking tour and birdwatching trip in Sorong. He works for conservation program to look after environment. 


Poli is the founder of Go Indonesia Tour. Born in central Kalimantan (Indonesian part of Borneo), grew up amongst Bornean hunters & farmers, and now lives in Jakarta. 

His first involvement in tourism was in ’90 when he was about 19 years old by helping a group of 20 Scandinavian on trekking on Meratus Mountain Ranges in South Kalimantan. Since then he develops his knowledge and experience on organizing tours from simple one to expedition category such as crossing Borneo from Central to Eastern. For the last 20 years he has expanded his work by leading and organizing several different types of tours to Sumatera, Java, Bali, Lesser Sunda Islands, Sulawesi, Moluccas and Papua. Besides organizing and leading tours he is involved on a non-government organization for Indonesia ecotourism development. His non-tourism experience is when he worked part time on South and Central Kalimantan Production Forest Project. This is a pilot project to construct a guideline design for and assist timber concession holder to achieve certification on its timber.  


Dadang was born in Makassar – in the South Sulawesi, He is an experienced Tour Guide for more than 17 years on organizing scuba diving and snorkeling trip to Togean islands, then combined with nature holidays tour to Morowali, Pamona, Tentena, Bada valley, Toraja land and Makassar.

He is  knowledgeable guide and very helpful person on arranging transport and accommodation on the island.

He and his family live in Ampana where is a gateway to travel  across Togean islands. He also arranges classic tour to visit Bajoe Sea-gypsy group who occupy the small islands. 


Irma is an Indonesian lady who married with a German man. Now they’re living in Duisburg, Germany.

Irma had finished her Master degree at Padjajaran University in Bandung, studied in Management Department science.

She’s been much experience working with International NGO as USAID cooperated with SERASI project.

In Germany, She is active as a freelance for International Event, Tourism Exhibition, Indonesian Day, traditional Angklung music player, Inter Culture Event, Company Aniversary, Religion Event, Batik Workshop, etc.

A part of her time She arranges classic culture tour and family holidays for European travellers who wish to travel to Indonesia, and will welcome Indonesian people  who would like traveling to Europe, especially to Germany.

Irma is our best network in Europe, then She can promote our lovely country, Indonesia.    


Vanny is another our best network in overseas. She maried Japanese man, and live in Tokyo- Japan for many years. She speaks Japanese well.

She grew up in Manado – North Sulawesi, then travelled-out to Japan followed her husband. Now they have two kids. 

She arranges classic tour for Japanese people who wish to travel to Indonesia, especially interests of Memorial of World War II on Halmahera, birdwatching trips and Scuba diving to Sulawesi, Java, Bali, Maluku, Papua, Kalimantan and Sumatra.

In Japan, She welcomes Indonesian people who would plan traveling on family holidays, studying about Japanese culture. attending travel mart, and attending Government Events.

Vanny also helps her parents’ bussiness in Manado, set up Promotion & customer Services at Daniel’s Resort & Dive Center on Bunaken Island. 


Mustari works for Wildlife Forest Resourches Conservation at Rawa Aopa-Watumohai National Park in the South-east Sulawesi.

He had finished his master degree at Gadjah Mada University in Jogyakarta, studied forestry scient.


He’s one of our best network to show a good chance of Maleo that nesting on white sandy beach and showing other endemic species of birds, reptiles and endangered mammals in the park.

Operational Office:

Jl. Raden Saleh No.28 
Besusu Barat, 

Palu - Central Sulawesi
Tel: +62- 451- 4012988
Mobile phone number: 
+62-812 198 96664
What'sApp: +62-853 40937216

Trip Reports

Birding in Bali Barat

Birding in Bali Barat

Sonley Graham and his friend had done five days birding on Bali Barat National Park.


Borneo Trip

Borneo Trip

We have done a great trip across Borneo, flew from Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun, then a canal

Halmahera - Paradise Birding

We had a wonderful day of birding trip to Halmahera. We set up trip from Manado,

" We are ready to plan a once-in-a-lifetime birding experience in Indonesia covering Sulawesi, Maluku - Halmahera, Java, Sumatera, Bali, Papua and Borneo - Kalimantan, specially tailored to your unique needs and desires "