NURLIN DJUNI – Founder of Malia Tours & The Leader

Nurlin is the founder of Malia Tours and principle guide. He is a professional leader who has been actively organizing and conducting birding trips throughout the islands of Indonesia for more than 20 years. 

He is very personable, has sharp eyes and works patiently to find target birds. 

In the weekend He invites his little son, Wallace Jr. Sorevaya on joining birding holidays and do some camps in the forest.

SENDY OCTAVIA RANTE – Administrative Assistant

Sendy is graduated from Health department at Ahmad Yani University science in Jogyakarta, Afterward she and her family returned her home town, Palu. She is In charged  to maintain our finances.

ADHARTYAS DJUNI - Driver & logistic arrangement 

Adhar is Nurlin's younger brother, a charming person who manages transport and logistic. He has sharp eyes scouting birds while on driving vehicle along birding sites. 
He also knows where to see 5 endemic species Nepenthes(Pitcherplant) in Sulawesi.

He used to work at palm oil company in Kota Kinabalu - Malaysia for two years. Then He decided returning home to build Malia Tours.

RANGGA MAMENGKO, Photographer & Guide - Manado

Rangga is our younger bird guide, graduated from Tourism politechnic school in Manado, afterward He joined birding trips, as first time He shot good image of  birds in Tangkoko, a few years later He travelled down to South & Central Sulawesi and continued to Halmahera. Manado is his land living together with his family



Agus and Daniel are experienced Tour Guides for more than 20 years organizing adventure-trekking tour, birdwatching trips and classic culture tour to Toraja land, Togean islands, Morowali and Lore Lindu National Park. They grew in Poso and live in Tentena, a small town nearby Poso lake.

Agus himself had traveled -out to Europe and stayed for a several months in Netherland, therefore He can speak Dutch language.

Now Agus studies bird species of Sulawesi & Halmahera. He found several habitats  of endemic birds around Tentena and Bada valley.

Both of them have warm personality and speaks English very well indeed. Professional, practical and definitely capable of organising a tour themself and leading a group through Morowali, Lore Lindu National Park and Togean islands.

STENLY MAMENGKO   – Web graphic designer & Guide

Stenly is father of Rangga Mamengko, a senior tour guide in the North Sulawesi, He’s a native of Bantik ethnic group who grew up in Manado.

He is a professional photographer and his also does website and graphic designing. He has been designing many websites in Indonesia.


Two experts who live at Batuputih village nearby Tangkoko nature reserve. Samuel locally known UNGKE is engaged for the park . In generally Samuel is involved on arranging birding trip and Bird Photography tour to Sulawesi and Halmahera. Included Tangkoko, Dumoga Bone, Gunung Mahawu, Tomohon and Mahawu forest, Makassar - Karaenta forest, Malino and Lompobattang forest, Sangihe island and Talaud Island, Togean islands, Peleng Island, Taliabu island, Morowali and Bungku forest. Meanwhile Iwan himself arranges birding trip and Bird photography tours focusly in the North Sulawesi part.
They are are experts, have sense of taking care, have sharp eyes to scouting the birds. They work from dawn to the late at night.

Besides as a birding guide Iwan is knowledgeable in mammals and reptiles. 

BAHAR HAMANUR, Tour Guide - Halmahera

Bahar is a native people of Makian island, but lives in Ternate where is a small town to pick up clients in the North Moluccas. He'd graduated OF Tourism science at the college in Bali. Now He leads birding tours, snorkeling trip and cultural tours around the islands. He knows where to see Wallace's Standardwing Paradise birds and other endemic birds of Halmahera.  

KASMAN PLANKTON , Tour Guide - Donggala

Kasman is a native people of Donggala, He grew up along coastline of Tanjung Karang white sandy beach where is one of tourist destination in Central Sulawesi. He arranges birding trips, wildlife tours, snorkeling trips and culture holidays around Sulawesi, West Papua, Halmahera, Java, Bali, Sumatra and Borneo.

EDDIE SUNARDI, Tour Guide - Manado

Eddie is a senior tour guide for more than 30 years on organizing various of tours throughout islands of Indonesia. He is a Javanese, grew up in Central Java and West Kalimantan, then travelled-out to Europe, afterward returned Indonesia, and met his lovely wife in Manado- North Sulawesi 
He arranges Snorkeling trips, Scuba diving, Cultural tours and birdwatching trips through islands of Indonesia.

PUNKY  FUAD  –  Driver & Local guide

Punky  is another professional driver, He drives very carefully, sharp eyes on spotting birds while driving vehicle. He lives with his family in Biromaru, very close to the airport, a part of the time He arranges logistic support and become as a support birding guide as well.

ALLIN SAWUWU, Tour Guide - Palu

Allin is an expert, and reputable Tour Guide who arrange birding trips and wildlife tours through islands of Indonesia. 
Included West Papua, Flores, Bali, Java, Sumatra, Borneo and Sulawesi its self.

He sometime spend his spare time with his family, playing a guitar with his little son. 

LITO TOMBO , Support Guide - Lore Lindu

Lito is a native people of Besoa valley, and grew up at the villages nearby Lore Lindu National Park. He will show you where are spots of Satanic Nightjarr, Geomalia, Heinrichia, Purple-bearded Bee-eater, Sulawesi Thrush, and Lore Lindu Kingfisher.

Besides as a local birding guide He’s capable in logistic arrangement, build up a camp-site and cooking meals if requested to stay in the forest.

MERIBA SUADE , Tour Guide - Makasssar

 Meriba is a knowledgeable Tour Guide who speak English, Dutch and Spanish language. He has been guiding clients for more than twenty years, engaged on organizing Wildlife tours, Cultural holidays, trekking and Birdwatching trips through islands of Indonesia. Included arrange birding tour in the South Sulawesi, West Papua and Borneo.    

RAHMAT,  Driver & Tour Organizer - Bali

Rama is his familiar name who called in Bali. He is an experienced tour driver and arrange trips around Bali, Komodo island, Flores and Lombok. He lives with his family in Bali where mostly a major tourist place on arrival in Indonesia.

CHARLES RORING, Tour Guide - West Papua 

Charles is originally from North Sulawesi, but born in Manokwari, and grew up as an expert who engaged  for West Papua. Included birding adventures to Mt. Arfak, Manokwari, Sorong - Klaso valley, Waigeo and other islands on Raja Ampat. He also arrange wildlife tour, nature holidays, snorkeling trip and diving tour. 

IMAN, Tour Guide - Borneo 

Iman is engaged for birding trips and wildlife tour in Kalimantan - Borneo, He is an experienced Tour Guide, and expert in mammals and reptiles. Still active on working with Orang Utan Green Team Community in Pangkalan Bun where is a gateway of long house-boat tour across  Tanjung Puting National Park in Central Kalimantan.   

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Operational Office:

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Palu - Central Sulawesi
Tel: +62- 451- 4019452
Mobile phone number + WhatsApp: 
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Trip Reports

Birding in Bali Barat

Birding in Bali Barat

Sonley Graham and his friend had done five days birding on Bali Barat National Park.


Borneo Trip

Borneo Trip

We have done a great trip across Borneo, flew from Jakarta to Pangkalan Bun, then a canal

Halmahera - Paradise Birding

We had a wonderful day of birding trip to Halmahera. We set up trip from Manado,

" We are ready to plan a once-in-a-lifetime birding experience in Indonesia covering Sulawesi, Maluku - Halmahera, Java, Sumatera, Bali, Papua and Borneo - Kalimantan, specially tailored to your unique needs and desires "